Monday, June 26, 2017

The Elevator of INSANITY

Here's about an hour of the most Horrible, Elevator Muzak Ever, for you to enjoy.

Thank God, at least it's not CNN FAKE NEWS in there... 

Replete with staccato guitar notes and percussion beats,
Which only prolong your Sound-ride by the millisecond, this is unbearable.
And then it repeats.  Incredibly and Horribly,
Each. Floor. Stop. After. Floor. Stop. After. Floor.Stop. After. Floor. ~~

Please Stop~?!

Bassa bassa bassa nova, bassa bassa nova bassa bassa nova

The Bassa Nova To Nowhere.
Think of the island get-aways, the exotic oasis, 
In a Bland, Polished-Steel/Mirror sort of way, 
never looking up or around, because the other elevator riders
may only be wearing thongs or 'ill-advised', skimpy bikinis.
 I can relate the worst time in an elevator-music situation, in my life, 
when I vacationed in Acapulco, Mexico, at the Acapulco Ritz Hotel.
Only 6 stories tall, but the elevator was incredibly slow, and my room was on the top floor.
Seemed Like HOURS now to me, staring down at the daily carpet which changed from day to day:  READING: "Tenga Mui Gusto Felize Whatever day" in Spanish*", the ride from the lobby up, or from my room down..... By the way, this is where I learned to properly pronounce the city's name, from endless radio and elevator music--   "AHh-ca-'Puhlll-Co"

I stole the elevator's carpet , stuffing it in my luggage, coming back home, it said "Tengo Mui Felize Sabato", "I'm having a good Saturday",
and I made it through two sets of Customs with it ~!

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