Friday, July 28, 2017

A Font of Misinformation

Retailer apologizes after font makes ‘glitter’ appear to read as ‘Hitler’

The company’s chief marketing officer quickly responded after Twitter users pointed out that a tote bag carried a message that looked quite different than what its design intended.
At first glance, many customers misread the bag’s actual message, “My favorite color is glitter.”
Instead they saw, “My favorite color is Hitler.”

With the wrong font, a seemingly innocuous tote bag can get misinterpreted as mild hate speech. Check out the product below from the online retailer BelleChic, which Quotable Life designed and produced.

That's OK, I can identify, I can understand~  My first attempt 
at a Weblog was called "My Pen Is Mightier Than Your sWord".  But however, the confusing margins and Font type I chose made the blog masthead look like 
"My PenIs Mightier 
(second line) Than YoursWord"

Just a little uncomfortable, for uhh, everyone.... ~word!!
And so I expect that this line of ladies' handbags will be redesigned to be simply "Brilliant", just as my little bloggie, "The Local Malcontent" has become.

By the way, did you know that my favourite U.S. President is Ronald Ragin ? 

Where's a t-shirt designer, when you want one??


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