Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cano Over Miami

Seattle's shining All Star, Robinson Cano belted a 10th inning, lead-off home run to defeat the National League, 2-1, in the Baseball All-Star Game tonight in Miami, Florida.

Cano hit the game winning homer off of Chicago Cubs' relief pitcher, Wade Davis, who was the only representative player of the World Series Champions present in the All-Star Game.

The win for the American League, the 12th of the past 16 All Star games, means that the World Series will open in the American League city this October, likely in New York City, at Yankee Stadium.

Cano, who once played 2nd Base for the Yankees, gave his former team a decided advantage in the Fall Classic.

It was all smiles among the players from all 30 major league teams on the field~ grins and giggles while playing the National pastime game featuring the star players from every team. 

~   Cleveland Shortstop Francisco Lindor lovingly bear-hugged St. Louis catcher Yadier Molina, when he came up to bat in the top of the 6th inning...

~   and later that inning, catcher Molina acted as photographer, as Seattle's Nelson Cruz posed for a selfie with grinning home plate Star umpire, veteran Joe West, before his plate appearance; Cruz grounded out to second base, with cell phone in his hip pocket, then shook hands with 1B umpire Angel Hernandez, who called him 'Out'....

~   then in the bottom of the 6th inning, Molina slammed a 1-out Home Run to tie the game at that point, grinning and glad-handing all the American infielders, including Lindor at SS, as he circled the bases.

The National League mounted a minor challenge for eventual winning pitcher, Craig Kimbrel of the Red Sox, in the 9th inning, when Molina led off with a 4-pitch walk, advanced to 2nd on a passed ball, then on to 3rd Base on a Balk call by West on Kimbrel, but was stranded there.

The Cardinals catcher was the first St. Louis Cardinal to hit a home run in an All-Star Game, since Reggie Smith, in 1974.

Offensively, 3rd Basemen were the batting stars, as American Leagues's Cleveland Indians' Jose Ramirez and the National League's Colorado Rockies' Nolan Arenado both went 2-2 at the plate~

The winner of the Home Run Derby, Yankee superstar RF Aaron Judge, went 0-3, in his first All-Star game.

... probly nerves...

Did I ever mention, that

There WAS some intrigue regarding this All-Star game, to me;

Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon, did not play any of his team's star players, except the losing pitcher, Wade Davis, who came in to pitch for the Nationals in the 10th inning, and tossed a floating slider to Cano, in extra innings.... 

~ An odd, floating slider by the Cubs Relief pitcher, Davis,
~which not only your Local Malcontent could've parked into the Right Field seats, 
~but also astrophysicist Stephen Hawking could've swatted
to end the game... (presuming that Hawking would be a left-handed, pull batter, and could round the bases before dawn broke

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