Monday, July 17, 2017

I Got Confirmation Last Week

Friends, I got some bad news~

I got the results from a recent full-body bone scan, conducted last Wednesday, that I have may have early bone cancer.... now.

Almost exactly 5 years after I punched Stage-4 prostate cancer into remission, my PSA level has risen to 17 ppm:  A man who's defeated prostrate cancer ought to have a PSA level of between 0 and 1 ppm;  and for 4+ years, I had a PSA under 1.00.
In November, 2016, my PSA shot up to 17 ppm.  

Five years ago, when I was first diagnosed with prostrate cancer, my PSA was 23; 
It was considered a stage 4 invasion of cancer.
And Dr. Kris Gast decided on an unusual, 50-day regimen of radiation therapy at her Fort Smith, Arkansas clinic~
and Totally successful~

I've had a half-dozen X-rays, MRIs, Bone-scans since that date,
8 months ago, and the results show that I have 3 small "loci" in my right pelvis, of "mild, increased uptake" in the right trochanteric region and the right ischium".  

"Faint areas of mildly increased uptake in the right trochanteric and ischial region warrents further evaluation with plain films and possibly an MRI of the pelvis; possibility of early metastatic foci cannot be entirely excluded," the report states.

It's NOT bad news~  it could have come in my spine, which would have been VERY BAD news; instead, my urologist tells me that this has been caught early.  

I don't know what therapy treatment I'll have to take, at this point.  But my cancer is back.

I will keep you informed, here~


Cathy Monroe said...

So sorry to hear that. Hopefully, since it was caught early, you'll beat it again.

McG said...

How dare it?