Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Liberal TV "Evolution":
Enough Already With the Overt Sexuality

More Proof of Liberal, Socialist Democratic Hypocracy,

This time from the Un-aired Pilot of "Three's Company", from 1976

"Sin City, he calls it,", as Crissy's father calls 'Los Angeles'.  (and not the usual Chrissy either)

a full episode, featuring Norman Fell, as landlord Mr. Roper.

This episode really encapsulates the Liberal Hollywood freedom with words and caricatures which are now Off Limits by the same Liberal Hollywood TV writers:  Intolerant Christians, queer men, a lusty underlining theme between Jack and his two roommates, "Tinkerbell" interior decorators; Black crime in L.A., sexually-frustrated Jewish wives....

The word "Gay", to mean a man's sexual disorientation, used for the first time on American TV, at the 8:11 mark~  Because before that moment, the term used/written by the Hollywood Liberal TV writers was just plain "Queer".   --Archie Bunker, CBS's "All in The Family", 1974, two years earlier than ABC's attempt here with "3's C".
Notably however, both series featured Lesbian actresses, also~

So, in less than what, just over 40 years, Hollywood has transformed itself,
re-invented itself, from being only teasing and humiliating 1/10 of our national population--,
to the point now, where Hollywood honors and elevates this deviancy, every night, 7 nights a week.

And then there's the vulgar, disgusting ESPN channel, owned by ABC' parent company, Disney:

Just this week, a pointless article on ESPN(dot)COM
told about the struggles to find a place to relieve themselves, among Swedish bicyclists, which included this obscene photograph, which anyone/ children can view, still:

notice the second bicyclist.... closely~

This is nothing less than sexual abuse by Hollywood, California and by Disney Entertainment, especially.  The Disney corruptoration has, for a long time, emphasized public nudity and sexual deviancy in all their films, movies, TV shows, sports coverage and even kiddie cartoons.
That is why I strongly urge all financial divestment from the Disney corruptoration, and endorse a boycott of all things Disney, including ABC-TV, ABC-news, ESPN, DisneyLand, Disney World, Walt Disney movies, Disney channel, and anything else.

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