Friday, July 28, 2017


Me and the Idiot Traw

There was a time in my past when I played Dominos

... With another dominant Dominos player as my partner, whom we all called,
"The Idiot Traw".

He was unbelievably Fierce, in playing dominos, and in his physical presence, 6'5" ft. tall White boy,
a very intimidating posture at 25 years~ Very broad shoulders & naturally big muscled was/Is Traw~

But at best, Literally, our friend Traw,
was as dumb and as goofy as a stump full of rocks ~
Yet Unbeatable, were we two at playing Dominos.

We didn't have a scheme, or a system of eyebrows or shoulders; nor did we play footsie underneath the kitchen table where we fought opponents.
It was like Telepathy between us, between Traw and me.

It's a worthy story for this Bloggie~  And one of my most favourite memories:  Ahhh, the Idiot Traw.

By the Way, today, the Idiot lives in Norman, Oklahoma with his wife, and has 7 kids, at age 43

Traw and I were 'KILLERS' at Dominos.
Everyone in a 30-mile range came to TRY to beat us~  And while some partners did beat us, Traw and I won far, far, far more than we ever lost.

Traw and I grew to be the best of friends long before we discovered our passion, and our insistence on being partners playing Dominos--
As youths, we'd fished and hunted deer, duck, squirrles and rabbits together, as kids hunting with our dads first, then later been on drunken binges together, and we both/each saved each other from stupid deaths.
So maybe naturally, our mentally was aligned.

But Never More Than When we played Dominos as partners.

I remember Traw being the assassin, after I'd set him up for a score, and vice verse~

My favourite Domino piece  to play for points was the 2-1,

"The Snowball"  To me, this always started an avalanche of scoring points~

His favourite Domino piece was the '6-3'-- which he called "The Nasty Snowball", and so we worked in tangent to help each other throw nasty snowballs!

I'd play the Snowball, score 10 or 15 points, & then Traw would slam down the Nasty Snowball, & score us 20 or 25...

We Killed opponents on the Domino table, with alacrity.

Mr. Traw isn't a part of my present life, today,
But Traw will always be a beloved part
of my continuing life-- I'm SURE THAT WE COULD 
become Dominos teammates once again, and STILL WIN

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