Saturday, July 15, 2017

The "CNN IS Fake News" meme contest

 The contest for the best "Fake News-CNN" meme is being held by, by Alex Jones, 

and it is going wild~!  Just go to YouTube,
& when that site finally finishes loading ..., ..., ..., ..., 

type in "CNN Fake News meme contest", and see about a dozen, compilation videos of CNN Very Fake news entries for the big prize of $20,000~!  
More than 600 different,  CNN Very Fake news memes so far~ according to figures.

A reaction like this from the abused America public is certainly understandable; CNN news has been a leading source of fabricated and ill-sourced lies and half-truths now, for over 35 years.  
And so, from a single meme in which Donald Trump punches and beats a 'CNN' headed man around a pro-wrestling ring, 

this avalanche of more memes from Americans, who can too-easily see through the dishonest distortion of the news,
singularly called "CNN Fake News".

But you all know me, and would expect that my favourite
CNN Very Fake news meme 
would be a Warner Bros. cartoon parody- & while I've not seen the little Black Duck in any of the
CNN Very Fake news memes, this one  includes a wabbit's tail that will suffice very well,

because we all must recognize that
CNN is Very Fake news,
and that even the youngest of us must learn this:

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