Friday, July 7, 2017


President Trump:  Hey, do you wanna go get a hamburger, Vlad?  Just you and Ludmilla and me and Melania?  I mean, we're in Hamburg, Germany afterall-- They probably got some great little hamburger joint here, serving the world's best hamburger, big league~

President Putin:  What about some beef Stroganoff? I happen to know about a little place on the east side of Berlin that serves the very best Stroganoff you've ever tasted, Don....

President Trump:  Melania loves beef Stroganoff, let's do it, that sounds like a deal.  After this G20 meeting, why don't you and Mrs. Putin come to America and stay with us at Mar-A-Largo?  There, buddy pal, I'll showcase some Big League hamburgers, American style?

President Putin:  Da, let's do it~ Doing that would set the world media on fire!

President Trump:  Yeah, we could have some Bar-be-que Pork too, if you want, sure.  Easily done.

It could start so easily, over food, and ending with
the greatest peace in the world~~
especially if Hillary, Bill, Barry and Michelle and the Bushes aren't invited along.

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