Monday, July 24, 2017

This Guy IS Twice Her Age

One really ODD thing that I've noticed about myself, is that I seem to be more sexually attractive to the opposite sex during the last 1/2 of January and the last 1/2 of July.
Twice Every Year.  Without Fail.

The best part for me was, first 10 years ago when in January, 2007, I asked a teller at the bank I used in Red Oak, out on a date--- her name was/is Leticia... the rest is history~!

Then two years ago, my wife became pregnant in late July, something that I never thought possible, in my life, and the rest is medical history (at least where Dalhousie University medical technicians and we are concerned)~!

But just when I thought all that was probably over:  Today, July 24, 2017, I was 'pursued' by a young lady, who is HALF MY AGE, most aggressively!!  YES, I told her that I was very happily married, and YES, I have told Leticia about the encounter earlier today at the Pocola Choctaw Casino.

Maybe a month ago, I was driving up to the Pocola Choctaw casino around 9:45 am, when a grey Chevrolet coupe swerved in front of me to get to the employee parking lot.  That's also where I usually park my truck, so when this person almost collided with me, I made a point of waiting until the driver got out, to go inside.  
I then immediately jumped out my truck, and came up to her, to say that she ought to be more careful (!!) driving, she almost collided with me and all.  Well she apologized, and said that she was almost late for her job that she'd had for just a couple days.
~ and that was the end of that. Then.

Then two weeks later, I'm back at the Pocola Casino, and LO and Behold, there is this same girl, outside smoking in their break area, and she notices me lumbering in with my laptop and briefcase.
"I managed not to scare you today, Sir" she remarked, and I remembered her, and so I stopped to say 'Hello', you know, "How's your job going?" sort of stuff... just small talk...

She asked me if I worked there- I told her what I did there, though employed by the State of Oklahoma basically.
I noticed her name on her name badge....  I WON'T MENTION IT HERE, BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE 3 LETTERS, in no particular order "Y,L,M". rhyming kinda with 'homily".

Fast forward to today, late July, time to go back to Choctaw Pocola--  I first stop at their convenience store for a bottle of green tea, and guess who is also in there? Yep, 'L.M.Y'.

First she sees me, then I give her a loud Hello.... she literally comes over to me at the Cooler door where the tea is, and starts RUBBING MY ARM up and down, from shoulder to wrist, back and forth, then her hand went to rubbing the middle of my lower back.
I get the bottle out, close the door, and kinda back away from her; and she came even closer to me, and asks me if I live around close by there- that she lives in Pocola, giving me details about how she drives from her apartment.... 
It's getting warm in the Travel Plaza

And literally, honestly, this is what she said next (and what I told Leticia just two hours ago, this afternoon):
"I think you are so f***ing sexy, I think about you all the time since we met, like I think you're so hot, like you drive me insane when I see you,"  Then she walked to the cashier, in a manner which men recognize .

Honest Injun, this is what happened between us this morning in that store.

And after I paid for the tea, I stood inside the store waiting for her to back out and leave, before I exited, to my truck.  And I then drove to and parked in that casino's parking garage, instead of where I usually parked.  And, I entered the casino through a different entrance.
And yet 'M.L.Y.' was inside, waiting on me, where I have to check in with their Security desk.

And that's where she did it:  She told me that she wanted to spend a night with me, that she was infatuated with Indian men, and that she couldn't stop thinking about Your Local Malcontent.
I told her I was very happily married, showed her my Wedding band, told her about Kelsey too--- all that didn't matter to her.  She wanted a hook-up with me.

NOW, the revelation to Leticia:
So, I get home tonight, just after 6pm, and our home has that special smell, US, that I just love~  Daughter Kelsey runs to me just inside the doorway for a hug and a swing, kisses.
With her in my arm, I look for my wife, intent on VERY Firstly, telling her about what happened to me at my first (of three) stop, Pocola.

Leti takes Kelsey from my arms, kisses me, and tells me that "Umm, you smell good,"

Not Good Start.
I tell her that I have something I need to tell her about, and Leti gets that certain look, we both understand, and she put the baby into her baby swing.  

I told her ALL ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED THIS MORNING, as well as the background info going back a month-- and 

Leticia's beaming, grinning, almost congratulating me that this girl, age 23, has got the Hots for me.
"You gonna do anything with her??" Leti asked me.  "OH, Hell no, babe", she's 23~!!, I said, mistakenly.

"Is she pretty?"  Leti teased me-  

"Yeah, I guess so, kinda, in a way, she's white, she's uh, about your size and all~  ~  BUT I'm your man, babe, nobody elses.  Not anytime.  Not anywhere. I promise, I promise"

And for some reason, Leticia Loves Me


McG said...

"she was infatuated with Indian men"

What a coincidence that she's working at a tribal casino in Oklahoma!

This could mean trouble, if she persists.

McG said...

This may be because Mrs. McG recently rented Ocean's Eleven from Netflix, but the more I think about this the more concerned I'm getting. If someone did want to compromise you, just surveillance footage from the store could be enough. A compliance guy would certainly be an inviting target.

If it was me, I'd want to tell a higher-up at my work about what happened. Get out in front of it.

The Local Malcontent said...

Even more than your first comment suggests, this could open up a doorway that I wouldn't want to know about as well: What/How should I react, if Leticia told me something similar??
(that's why I'd made all the changes to our former house on Sardis Lake, then bought a far nicer place in town, on the side of a mountain, to keep her very happy)

As to your second comment, all my dealings with individual casinos are off 'the floor', in the audit offices, comparing their most recent, internal numbers with those sent to the OK Tax Commission, plus a few tricks, to see if everything's good- I'm never usually on the casino's floor anymore.

But yes, thank goodness for those surveillance tapes!
And Thank Goodness for my 7 years as a casino manager~!