Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Uhh, sum News Coverage of
the Local Malcontent~

Lovingly lifted
from several 
news squirters: 

Lefties have one go-to reaction to anything that does not fit their narrative: protest. They know if George Soros or any two-bit local malcontent can get 10 lay-about friends together, paint some signs and alert the media, they will get inordinate TV coverage. Apparently you don’t have to say what you are protesting or have a concise message. Just show up in perpetual outrage (maybe a “vagina hat” would make a nice statement).  As long as you are yelling about Trump, you will be captured on TV.

That's about all I have, are just ten
True friends~  However, we all celebrate President Trump!

Again, I am vilified by the Indian Press,
and appear to be stuck there, in India~

RSS activists ransacked the Indore BJP office and burnt the effigy of chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan late on Tuesday night after the government failed to re-instate a police officer probing a local malcontent who complained to cops that an RSS worker shot at him during a religious rally.

Two weeks ago, Manoj Parmar, a local goon, who claims to be a BJP leader and against whom several criminal cases are pending, alleged that he was shot at while he was participating in a religious rally. Parmar filed a complaint following which an FIR was registered against an RSS functionary, Gopal Goyal, and a BJP MLA from Indore, Sudarshan Gupta

Sorry, but I was in Oklahoma at the time~  Maybe a really really local Malcontent~

The explosion in Manchester yesterday could be confidently labelled terrorism before the cause was known or anybody had "claimed responsibility".

What a wretchedly inappropriate phrase that is.  Whatever would cause anybody to detonate a bomb in the foyer of the largest indoor arena in Europe, just as a young audience was likely to be coming out of a concert by a touring pop star, has no shred of responsibility. As for "claiming" it as though it were credit, only a sick or criminal mind would do so.

Terrorism of this kind has become so frequent in Europe over the past few years that the culprits hardly bother to post a public admission.  The carnage is immediately and universally attributed to the likes of Isis, which is never likely to deny it. The only question that matters (a little) is whether the perpetrator(s) were from an organised cell of jihadists or a lone local malcontent imitating them.

I don't do bombings anymore, not since 1996, in my own backyard....

Yet, I always get the blame.  I'm Conservative in nature, and not Explosive anymore.

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