Friday, August 25, 2017

Can Ya'll Handle Another

This one, much more personal than the one below this'un from Everett, Washington....

This one, a personal update:  I met with my Oncologist, 
Dr. Terrell in Fort Smith, Arkansas one week ago, Friday, August 18th. 
And this guy told me that instead of Bone Cancer, I have early Lymphoma:  It's technically Prostrate Cancer, which has resurfaced in my Right hips' lymph nodes.

THIS IS "not good".  In fact it is really Not Good.

Dr. Terrell gave me and Leti every---bit of 5 minutes to decide whether we'd choose Hormone therapy, OR lymph node removal surgery, and then Hormone therapy....  tick, tick,tick,tick,tick,tick

We were told of the horrors involved with such surgery:  probable incontinence, constant urine leaking, maybe Adult-diapers for me to wear~, then maybe even a colostomy bag eventually.........

Hormone therapy.  A better chance of survival, since my cancer was caught early on, BUT
BUT MAYBE some fantastic BOOBIES, for which I'd need a training Bra to start off with....

We had less than 5 minutes.  Within 2 minutes, I choose the Hormone therapy, and within
another 20 minutes, I was on my back, looking at two nurses with needles, aiming at my abdomen.

now, A WEEK LATER....
I'm really suffering.  

These two Goose Egg-sized balls of Hormones in my abdomen are as painful as anything I've ever experienced.  They feel like two heavy weights (let's call them Balls) on my upper Abdomen, NOW, and they feel like they're very badly sunburned.  

The slightest touch--- against a chair, in bed, or against the kitchen/bathroom cabinets,
against another person, is
FIRE/PAIN.  It's only feeling worse with each day's passing, not better.

And I'm scheduled for another two injections, in a MONTH??  

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