Thursday, August 3, 2017

Things Can't Get Any Crazier

Lovingly lifted from me~, over two years ago, this:

Ok boys and girls, that was The Eagles with "Lyin' Eyes", moving up the chart from number 21 to number 17 on this Week's American Top 40.

Now, we have a song dedication next, from Tammy in Memphis, Tennessee.  She writes:  "Dear Kasey, I'm not sure how to do this really, but I hope that it can be done.  And I believe that if anyone can accomplish this unusual dedication, it's you, Kasey."

"Cause you see, I can see the future, sort of... and what I see is a terrible situation for all us Americans, in about 37 to 38 years out;  around the year 2016 or 2017 AD.  In the next century, even."  

"Anyway, I'm just an unpretentious girl from Memphis
and yet I have great fears both for our country and for you too, Kasey... I believe that you will come to a very unusual, mysterious end around that time also.  You might even disappear entirely!" 

"OH, I hope my visions of the future are not true and that they are only the results of some bad acid my boyfriend Archie got from his brother in prison.  
Yours truly, Tammy in Memphis"

Dear Tammy, you are such a sweet girl, and thank you for being worried about yours truly, Kasey Kasim. But I am just fine, I feel great and in fact I am on top of the world... Nothing could possibly interfere with my plans for my retirement, hopefully years and years in 
the future you speak of. 
And as for our country, Tammy, the USA, in my own opinion, things couldn't get any crazier than they are
right now, here in 1979.

Now for that dedication:  It's the Manhattan Transfer, that upbeat Jazz group, whose only TOP 40 hit was back in 1975, with "The Boy From New York City" (it got to number 19).
Here's the Manhattan Transfer with "Twilight Tone", for me, Kasey Kasim.  

Kasey Kasem's body was flown from the funeral home in Tacoma, Washington to a funeral home in Montreal, Canada on July 14, two days before a judge ordered Kasey's widow Jean Kasem to keep the body in Tacoma for an autopsy.

But mysteriously, Kasey's body never arrived.

A representative for Kerri Kasem, Kasey's daughter,
has confirmed that her father's body is missing.

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