Friday, August 11, 2017

The Mystery of the $54.30 Bonus

Here is the situation:

I'm a tax auditor for the state of Oklahoma, OK?
My wife is a former head bank teller for a local banking enterprise in Southeast Oklahoma.

Precision is what we do, financially; 
normally, we know where every cent comes from,
and where it goes.

Until now.  The mystery of the bonus $54.30 into our
joint checking account, since Wednesday, August 2, 2017.

We're bewildered-- We're literally at a loss--
Leti's contacted every utility to inquire whether they've refunded a deposit-- (that's what it sounds like to me~)
even from when we lived in Yannush two years ago, & 'NO'.

Where did the $54.30 come from???

Since we noticed it in our account, around August 4, I've made inquiries at my state Treasurer's office, doctors' offices, the Choctaw Nation (our mortgage holder), all of our insurance companies, even Kelsey's college fund, all with the very same reply, "No, sorry, if we were to send you a refund/rebate, our office would send you a paper check."

We both have gone through our bank statements for the past 12 months, looking for any entry for the amount "$54.30", which may have been rejected, and therefore unpaid.
"NO" again.
Our online checking account register looks exactly like our own records, with that one exception:  One day our checking balance reads 'X', then the very next entry reads 'X+$54.30'.

When I'm paid, our electronic, online account reads "Load from OKLA.STATE.TREASURY".....
the $54.30 was added just about 45 minutes before my August paycheck was deposited~!  
As a credit, and un-attributed.  So Far~  

(and NO, I will not call up my bank to inquire, as per my wife's instruction). 
Letting that sleeping dog lie~!


McG said...

"One day our checking balance reads 'X', then the very next entry reads 'X+$54.30'."

Mystifying. Somewhere the entry has to exist documenting the change in your balance. Your bank can get in huge trouble for moving funds around without a paper trail (why am I telling you this, of all people?).

While I'm being paranoid, has Miss Three Letters popped up again?

The Local Malcontent said...

I was back at the Pocola casino this past Tuesday, a day later than usual, and No, I didn't see 3-Letter that day, thank goodness.

I went to Pocola first on Aug. 8, right at 8 a.m. to avoid the possibility of seeing her- and was done with my audit by 9:20.
No sign of MLY that day~

In and out ASaP~