Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Upcoming "United We Stand for Colin Kaepernick” Rally

What an ungodly BAD NAME for a rally, for this former NFL QB: 

"United We Stand,
Kneeling Down You Fall" would've been
a far more recognizable slogan for the disgraced, 
former San Francisco 49's quarterback. 

I have no love, no respect for this guy,
"Colin Kaepernick",
at all. The idea that ESPN and Spike Lee have come around to try and save, to shop this mediocre, affirmative-action football player to NFL teams, is just so stupid it hurts.

It hurts nobody more than the U.S.-hating player in question, Mr. Kaepernick. His best chance at starting QB was in San Francisco; trying to force his signing by another team
would be suicidal for that unfortunate team.

I cannot think of any other NFL team which would want to attract such unpatriotic disfavor of fans, by signing him onto their team.

NFL teams value players who have served our nation (Arizona Cardinals' Pat Tillman); or those convicted of a crime and repented, trying to turn around their lives (Ray Lewis, Michael Vick, Dez Bryant, Ben Roethlisberger, Adrian Peterson, ..., this list is endless);

just NOT a lackluster QB who insists upon continually expressing his personal gripes against the United States, and essentially against the NFL, and his team,
which made/makes him a multi-millionaire.

Colin Kaepernick ought to cease his personal desire
to be a star NFL quarterback,
and focus upon just being a grateful, star American. 
THIS seems to be his greatest obstacle to success~

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