Sunday, August 6, 2017

Urban White Boy Discovers "Swamp Cooler" Technology From the 1960s

"I'm gonna go ahead and plant a tree here,
to shade the A/C unit further..."

This is the 21st Century version
of the wonderful "Swamp-cooler":

Watch this video to learn how to channel only 4-5 gallons of water per month onto your Central air conditioning unit's exterior cooling system, and uhh, maybe add some shade for the unit with shrubbery from the late day heat (*we like/use inexpensive Holly Bush) to drop your AC electricity consumption by at least 40%~

The next thing you know, some White guy will be announcing that he's discovered Window awnings or angular driveway landscaping to prevent Yard erosion.
Or the Wheel....
Well, DUHH~!

Common sense is so uncommon these days~~
"Back in my day, we called them 'Ditches, and we kept 'em clean of the filthy drunks and the malcontents, too'

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