Saturday, August 26, 2017

Uuggm, Finally Some Football Scores-Uummm

BYU- 20
Florida A&M- 29

Ummmm, Ugghhmmm, Good....  

Portland State-6


Sunny South State College- 35

I just made that one up~ 
but Uggmmmm, 


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McG said...

Mrs. McG last night turned on the NFL Network for a five-solid-hour buffet of quick looks at a bunch of pre-season football games, including the team that drafted a QB last season from her latest alma mater just in time for both of that team's more senior quarterbacks to be out with injuries.

Me, I'm waiting for this Saturday, when said alma mater takes the field against... um, let's see... Charleston Southern. We both would be profoundly disappointed if it went like that Portland State game.