Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"Who Wants to See Their Heritage Taken Down?"

We are witnessing a demonic movement, in today's America, I really believe:

Erasing history, shuttering the past;
our various, unique, ethnic heritages these days.
It is a very bad sign, but it IS NOT A VERY NEW SIGN, of the beginning of the end of these United States, perhaps also of the End Times of the World (that, however, is not the subject here).

To me, a Choctaw man, it is an insult that on American University campuses, "Native American" mascots are being retired, being closeted away from view. 
This is a weapon of Denial, to cause the young ones, and generations afterward, to become unaware & therefore ignorant of the once-great, fierce, magnificent American Indian nations which tamed this continent for thousands of years, & FROM WHOM, THEY COULD BE DESCENDANT.

Denouncing the Washington Redskins name as offensive,
IS OFFENSIVE to me, a Real REDSKIN.  Forcing North Dakota University to change their team's name from "The Fighting Sioux" is OFFENSIVE to me.  "The Fighting Illini", Tahlequah's NEOSU "Fighting Redmen", now called the NEOSU River-Rafters or something equally STOOPID...
What do you say about that??

But it isn't just my people, American Indians, who are being systematically erased, as well as systematically FORCED to renounce and forget--

get ready to say Goodbye to Southerners, Confederate Americans now.  If you or I show any semblance of pride for simply being born in the American south, it is now deemed to be time for us to deny that heritage, because a single somebody 'may be offended' by such an innocent display of pride or heritage.

And this is just the beginning~!  

Before long, it will be anathema to be a Christian, to trust and to believe in the salvation of Jesus Christ. 
"What, you despise abortion?!!"
You Hater, YOU.  
"What, you despise gay marriage, or assisted suicide?!!"  Then 'We' do not recognize you, You imbecile.

"What, you dare to resent imbeciles?!!" 
( i couldn't resist that one~)
Ironically then, everyone should therefore become, endorse/honor imbeciles, especially those imbeciles with their disguised, yet approved brand of hatred.

Well, you can guess what's next, easily:  "There's not really 'any America', because that's only an offensive, political boundary-".  Because to these imbeciles, Mexicans are Americans, and Peruvians are Americans, the Chinese are Americans, Polish are Americans, Germans are Americans,

Completely, entirely contradicting their underlying argument/ Rant,
as well as
Denying the Wholesome Intention of
Real, Well-Intentioned, Legal Immigrants~

Our level of revulsion and offense, doesn't come close to Their level of revulsion & offense~ as singularly, exclusively adjudged by the more vocal "Them"~

"Well you cannot decide who is an American, since there are African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Chinese-Americans, ....
Don't forget the Hindu-Americans and the Muslim-, Jewish-, Cherokee-, Apache-, Navajo-, .........   

We do.
"We" approve of Gay Pride parades; however, no Irish.

"We" approve of greater tolerance of Muslim Sharia belief; however, you cannot ever show pride in Generals Robert E. Lee, or Stonewall Jackson, or Chiefs Crazy Horse or Osceola, or Geronimo.
"We" disapprove of public prayer.  Your God is not to be recognized, anywhere, any time.

"We" approve the singular voices of dissent against the widespread beliefs of the land-  Some NFL team had better hire Colin Kaepernick, an over-tattooed, sub-average, embittered Quarterback, or 'we' will protest~

IF EVER there was a need to snuff out
a particular minority,
it should be against this small band of screaming demons aligned against others' personal, national heritage(s),
against others' natural beliefs (abortion, homosexuality),
those Supporting the TREND TO INSERT HYPHENS between us ALL, permanently dividing us all,
AS WELL; Separating our personal, indivisible beliefs,
rather than any attempt to bridge that somewhat tiny distinction, among US.

In Closing, I should add that the Heritage of the Liberal
"WE" movement, is less than 55 years old....
Hardly one generation, and far younger than "OURS".

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