Thursday, September 28, 2017

"Must Be the Season of The Witch"

For awhile hence forward, 
so beware~  
Let's celebrate October~  (i'm cold)

We're about to enter October, that greatest, the most sublime month of all, which highlights the transformation of the gilded and green world into the splendor of the macabre, and those long cold winter nights.  Or vice-versa, depending on one's inclination. A s.c. 5/4 Balance

Remember the first child of Darren and Samantha Stevens, 'Tabitha', the precocious, golden-haired daughter, grand-daughter of Endora?  And her cute little nose-twitch?

Ahh well, she grew up and faded into abject obscurity, her magic spells were just plain mediocre, and worst of all for a TV Witch, Predictable and Mediocre--

That's why "Tabitha" is remembered as only a Pilot these days.

Unfortunately, I became 'Bewitched' by a 12" Turkey and Swiss cheese samWitch, and scallions...
I could only stomach about 6 minutes of Tabitha, before I began to wretch.

violently.  uncontrollably.

If your particular persuasion is instead to the aural rather than the viral, to the sensual rather than to the nonsensical, AND, you tend to pick up every stitch~
please consider this more palatable video instead, 9 Minutes of delicious, Vanilla Fudge:

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