Friday, September 8, 2017

SEPT. 5 - 15

Today is the 16th anniversary of America's Most Tragic Day, the terrorist attack on the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., a small Pennsylvania town, and New York City, the World Trade Towers complex.

And it's been a yearly homage for me, on this date, to republish the tribute I was humbled to research and compose, to one American
who perished in one of those towers, 
"Tiny" Mike Tanner.  

It was such an honor and such a privilege for me, to research Michael and his life; and it's still an honor to acknowledge him still, in this small way

Honestly, NOT ONE WEEK GOES BY FOR ME, FOR LETICIA AND ME, WITHOUT BEING REMINDED OF MICHAEL ANTHONY TANNER~ his legacy, his courage and his strength; His daughters his wife, Michela~

his friends come by my "Tiny" blog in search of words, of memories of this man.

Today, as of noon, more than two dozen people so far, have visited my blog, specifically to read a tribute to a wonderful man who should not have perished, damn it.

A man whom I still wish I'd had the pleasure of meeting and of knowing, such a warm, kind man he was~ and all I can hope for, is that his most endearing and lasting legacy is his generous attitude, his caring sentiment, his apparent 'gung-ho' motivation is carried on by everyone who knew him, and those of us who wished to known him.

I cannot imagine what depths of grief Michele and her daughters must constantly feel, being reminded on a yearly ~if NOT daily~ basis, of their humongous loss in their husband, dad, and most devoted friend.  For while I have experienced the losses of friends who've been murdered, I have never experienced the overwhelming grief and disbelief and bewilderment, all combined, as anyone who had a personal friend or family member, who lost their innocent life in the way nearly 3,000 Americans, including Mike Tanner, did, 14 years ago today.

I once put into words genuine amazement, at Mister Tanner's life, and that still holds true; that still holds true for/to me today.  But I freely admit, that I have no similar frame of reference to fully comprehend the devastation of loss, that surviving loved ones feel today.

I had no friends perish on April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma City;
I knew no Branch Davidians in Waco; I had no family members killed at Pearl Harbor; I am a member of an Indian Tribe, yet one which was not hunted down and killed by white settlers/Army in the old West~~

I cannot begin to comprehend the agony/anger suffered by the survivors on this dark anniversary, of whom I pay
my sincerest tribute,

Please, accept this, the following video, in genuine fellowship, that one day we will all be re-united with, (&
I will get to meet Tiny) again.

May God Bless us all, and the United States of America.

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