Tuesday, September 26, 2017

When Your Portrait is Painted
by Norman Rockwell, no less~


I never quite realized how big and how real Col. Sanders was.  
I endured a KFC commercial last night, with the comical Col. Sanders actor, and began to wonder about the real man, Harland Sanders.  

So much so, guess what the Malcontent family will have for supper tonight?  (Crispy recipe)

"11 Herbs and Spices" made his fried chicken special, but it was his keen recognition of entrepreneurship and his early business skills in formatting restaurant franchising, which propelled Colonel Sanders into Major Sanders.

Indeed, today he could have been 4-star General Sanders, but for the fact that at the height of his personal franchise success, he sold both his recipe and the "Kentucky Fried Chicken" rights for a mere 2 million dollars in 1964.

And Col. Sanders was not without typically Southern high standards-- according to Sanders' Wikipedia page, in the 1970s, Sanders thought that the current corporate owner then was serving "slop", and went to court successfully to defend his good name and great recipe.

I don't know who owns the franchise today: Once upon a time, it was Pepsi Cola, but I've heard also that some Muslim outfit from Saudi Arabia owns it, too.  

~Which reminds me to just add an image of Joan Crawford and disgusting Pepsi Cola, once again.

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