Tuesday, September 26, 2017

You Just Can't Fix "STUPID"

Dear NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell,

Like so many millions of others, I used to be a fan of the sport of which you are the high commissioner.  These days however, I refuse to watch any NFL game, because of your league's tendency to offend me.
I have witnessed where other people are offended by the least little thing, and they are acknowledged, and by golly, we offended, red-blooded, football-loving Americans want the same treatment also.

We are very offended that your players, your employees on the field, do not honor this nation, the United States of America, during the playing of America's national anthem, honoring the US flag, or/including every person who has died defending/loving this nation.

Mr. Goodell, what do those 8 white stars on the blue background of the NFL Logo mean?  
Has anyone taken a look at the 50 white stars on the blue background of our US flag, and maybe stolen that idea for your trinket logo?

YOU may want to re-design that image,
since it implies an association with the United States,
which so many of your employees NOW disdain

rather than to allow your employees to continue disparaging
that well earned honor *(by simple men and women,
EACH-- far more valuable than most of your employees on the field of play) of being the finest example of national inclusiveness, ever, ever devised by Man.

Your sport is not important; there are other, equally combative challenges for which to boast Local Pride-  
Calling your sport "America's Game" is just as offensive, BOTH for the exact reason I've listed above, as well as the analogy reflected therein;  when the NFL can boast playing either 162 per season as in Major League Baseball, or 82 games per season, as in both the professional basketball and hockey seasons, you may claim Maybe TO BE America's Game.  Otherwise, with only 16 games in your season, keep quiet and on the humble low down.

Here is a word of advice from a former and-hopefully-future-fan:  

Get the word out to every one of your employees:  We Honor the United States' National anthem and the Flag of the same.  Period.  You guys will stand as that anthem is played.

Or you will be fired.  

Or your sport will become extinct.

Mr. Goodell, you may be fired if you do not use some proper thinking on this matter.  
ASK YOURSELF, "What would Pete Roselle Do?"

Yours truly, 
The Local Malcontent, a former fan

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