Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I Read the News Today, Ohh Boy

**I am offering NO OPINION here whatsoever,
just relaying the news: 

Lovingly lifted from KFOR(dot)com, this:  

Gov. Fallin Warning State Agencies to Prepare
for Additional Cuts After Budget Bill Stalls

Heh, just read the news there...

I was emailed yesterday, to anticipate a curtailment of Okla. Tax Commission Indian Casino examination activities, beginning next week, November 6, 2017; and "prepare to make any needed or necessary adjustments to (my) personal income."

The email ended by saying "Every attempt will be made to ensure that employees of the Oklahoma Tax Commission will be spared furlough, any income and/or benefits reduction, under Oklahoma statute or labor agreement."

I've often thought about how the various Indian casinos, the Tribes, & the state of Oklahoma could eliminate more than a few jobs like mine by some secure electronic means, and then only sending out auditors like me, when there appears to be a perceived anomaly between a given casino's profit, and OTC records;
meaning, that I can foresee only working four or five FULL days each month~  
Right now, I am so thankful that the State of Oklahoma and the Tax Commission feels the need to "Trust but Verify" daily, weekly,",  instead of "Trust Accounting software" until any discrepancy is noticed.

But the handwriting is on the wall for us Okie Indian Casino auditors, and it's been there, all along glaring at us, threatening us, with every advance in accurate, electronic funds transfer technology.

As for **"opinionz", I will just say this:
I can foresee a day, soon, when a majority of Oklahomans will endorse the legal cultivation of, and the legal sale of, and the legal possession of, homegrown marijuana, to provide much more income to our state's coffer, through the taxation thereof,
than the production/taxation of crude oil currently does.  

I've proven here on my Local Malcontent bloggie long ago,
that parts of my state's natural ecology pro-motes the very best marijuana growth, worldwide.

I think that it's just a matter of time now~!

** As an employee of the State of Oklahoma, I am prohibited from expressing any form of political opinion regarding current State operation.  

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