Tuesday, October 24, 2017

"Like Sands Through the Hourglass ....."

I wish this would just end soon~
But no; this daytime-drama, this all too real Soap-Opera continues.

The usual bullcrap stream coming out of Washington, D.C.
All lies, all the drama, all the emotional bloodflow~

Let's just indict the Clintons, once and for all, and see where the pieces fall~!

Let's get rid of the RINOs, once and for all, and see where
the pieces fall~!

Some sunshine brand Disinfectant sprayed onto the FBI and the Department of Justice should be a good thing, so 

Senator Jeff Flake quits, effective January, 2019, the end of his present term, because he cannot bear to follow the will of the people of Arizona, instead choosing to follow the money, and the US Chamber of Commerce, promoting a flood of illegal immigrants to invade the U.S.~

Meanwhile, the Bill/Hillary Clinton circus takes center-ring, as the exposed 'Uranium One' scandeal comes to the forefront.
This deep state corruption-scandal may include several former Zerobama administration officials, in a deal with Russia, by way of Canada to threaten U.S. national security, by diverting 20% of our mined Uranium.

And riding along on a side note, the once-trusted FBI, condoned it all, under Mr. Mueller, Mr. McCabe,
and Mr. Comey.

Every. Single. RINO. Democrat. Politician. IS. CORRUPT.

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