Friday, October 6, 2017

Meanwhile, One Year LATER,
Let's All Watch the 'Unhinged Woman"

America dodged a huge disaster last November 8,
in NOT electing Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President.

I simply don't have the words of complete thanks, first to God Almighty and then to the voting American public, for keeping this soulless beast out of the White House, and from becoming the most powerful person on the planet.

None of us can imagine the total degree of daily harrassment on our brains that we've avoided~

I am comforted in the realization that there are so many American voters who, like myself, saw the immenent danger in this demonized woman, and voted correctly for America.

Hillary Clinton is the Queen of Lies; she's never ever spoken a word of truth from her mouth, and she simply cannot even now, in the (hopefully, prayfully) twilight of her career.

Last night, she appeared on Irish television, once again explaining "What Happened" to her abysmal political campaign/lifestyle.  
And in so doing, demonstrating
of that night's balloting.

Hillary, it is because Americans were able to see through your lies, your cover-ups, and your hideous life example.  
We saw you as you really are, and nobody wanted that anymore from the likes of you.
Anymore.  Ever.  
You should truly consider just fading away gracefully, but we all know that you won't;  instead, you will still consider yourself relevant, won't you ~?

Instead, Failing day by day, week by week,year by year,
on a scale witnessed by all, until you reach rock bottom,
total insanity, due to your personal expectations.

(But your 'expectations' were never, never, ever weighed through the lives of the whole of The United States of America.) Because Hillary, you Never Knew the United States of America~!!

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