Thursday, October 12, 2017

Overbearing, Libtard OGRE .... "Suicidal"
Seeking Assistant

Sex pervert Harvey Weinstein tries to stop a passing vehicle for a ride, from his daughter's home, Wednesday.

Where's an ISIS jihadi driver, when you really need one~??

It's a good thing that Harvey is well embedded in liberal, Crazy Hollywood; otherwise, he would have plenty of offers from us middle American, Southern American good ole boys, 
to "help him OUT".

A serial child molester, 
a serial sexual preditor, 
this guy "Harvey Weinstein" looks like the very real representation of an "Evil Ogre", in EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD.

Has anybody really looked at this guy, really?? 
Harvey Weinstein is the personification of "Evil Ogre".

It's a wonder that he could attract any female at all, without trolling money behind him on a fishing line, some way~
and you can just BET, that's what he had to do, to get pretty women to even get next to him in photographs, ((huh Guys~?))

Harvey the humpback Ogre,

the little shrimp-dk'd Ogre
((with these types of adult perverts, it's all about
their small, undeveloped, 9-year old, tiny manhoods)),

Now Threatened, frightened by reality,
Begging for a ride from any stranger,
Begging business associates to support him,

Wondering why Satan has abandoned him, so suddenly~

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