Monday, November 20, 2017

Do You Ever Trade Dreams?

Let me start off by saying that the baseball Miami Marlins would be INSANE,
not to meet Giancarlo Stanton's salary requests, now that his Bargain basement player's contract with that team has expired.

But, that peculiar decision isn't without precedent within the world of Baseball ~

Let's say that the Marlins decide to sell the Turbo-charged outfielder,
Giancarlo Stanton to the highest bidder:

And everybody's interested in his power at the plate, his adequate defense in Right Field, his improving running speed, & base stealing talent ~!

Now just imagine the St. Louis Cardinals making a high winning bid, bestest contract offer with this young slugger, who battled rookie Aaron Judge all year long for the Home Run lead;

again, not a precedent within the Cardinals' organization--

And next year, and for the next few years, facing an explosive Chicago Cubbie club, an improving Milwaukee Brewers club, with Giancarlo Stanton starting in the STL outfield in those important games,
PLUS knowing that Stanton literally owns NL East pitchers-?

What I would do, upon hearing Stanton is coming to Saint Louis, Missouri's team:
Confirmation. Double confirmation, the Cardinals deal is done. 
Immediately dial up St. Louis Cardinals Ticket Sales.
Book Reservations.
Book Multiple Reservations. 

Why Not Dream about St. Louis Cardinal right fielder Giancarlo Stanton, batting 4th in the lineup, behind the already potent Redbird hitters?

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