Wednesday, November 15, 2017


At least, I can view it~  maybe it's just for me, I don't know....

But it surprised me this morning, fer sure.  GOOD MORNING, OKLAHOMA, AND HELLO EVERYONE!  

Presenting, "The Local Malcontent" content, as compiled by YouTube-- every musical piece that I've copied/posted here on The Local Malcontent bloggie,
for me and therefore, for you:

Well, I was afraid of that-- YouTube will not play all of "The Local Malcontent" content, as I'd hoped, here.
Only the wonderful "Mickey Xylophone" tune, replete with Kazoo, Xylophone and Saxophone jazz solos.  This tune must be the most copied/played video music on my bloggie, in the past 10+ years--.  At first, I hated it.  Then, it really grew on me, as it reflected the Hillary Clitnon Presidential candidacy over the past 2 years; I highlighted this song alot, in reference to Hillary's old-fashioned, typical Democreatin style of politics, relying on her pay-for-play, money for somethin', Olde Skool campaigning.

But like I said, YouTube won't let me play the entire, 50+ video musical interludes here sadly, right here, where they began in the first place~

Try the link above, if you are interested in hearing "The Local Malcontent" content; warning, lots of Scott Joplin, joyously~

Or, if you are interested, go to YouTube, and type "AaronXOK" in the search line.  On YouTube, I go by that,
"AaronXOK", and you will be sent to my, my whatever page there (is it a webpage?), and you may click on my Favorites list and hear what I choose to like.

For Example:  


I'm having suddenly a great day off!  Hope your day is just great, too~!  Now, back to YouTube for me, to listen to some excellent selections!!!!

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