Tuesday, November 7, 2017

"YEAH, We Cheated. So What?"

'Those Wacky Democrats' can't even cover up
the big lie, as hard as they try, 
that from early on in 2015, their Democratic Convention and Primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.
All along~  Is anyone really surprised?

With the recent revelations by Donna Brazile, the former Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, that she'd found smoking-gun evidence of the Hillary for President campaign's takeover of the finances and procedures of the DNC, and that their other candidates, Senator Bernie Sanders and Governor Martin O'Malley, while very popular, 
never stood a snowball's chance in 2016.

"Hillary Or Bust", should've been their slogan~,
because that's what it apparently was.

Several lateral revelations, aside from those of Ms. Brazile's, should give Democrats pause, as they look back on last year's Presidential election:

Current Democratic National chairman, Tom (Pedo) Perez,
admitted two things which are ohh-so relevant, regarding the escapades of the DNC over the past 2 years:  On November 7, 2017's edition of the "Bill Press Radio Show", Mr. (Pedo) Perez admitted that the nationwide Democratic Party submitted to the demands of Hillary Clinton's campaign chair, Robby Mook, to take over the financial distress, as Donna Brazile had revealed,  but responded also by asking, "Why does that matter now?", incredibly.

Why does that matter now?  Ask Bernie Sanders' supporters:

Do Democrats try to win back Trump voters, finding an economic message that sticks? Or do they continue to focus on identity politics only, stimulating turnout only among tiny, amalgamated, demographic groups?
Is it a fallacy that Democrats want to choose?
The Bernie wing wants to be at the table for those debates.
Again, from the Bill Press radio interview, DNC chairman Tom (Pedo) Perez is confronted with a statement which he made last February, 2017, when he was elected to that post, " that the party’s top position was a “full-time” gig that deserved “someone committed here for the long haul,”...

That vaporous promise only lasted until he realized that "the group" which he, (Pedo)Perez, was the new chairman of,
is dead broke, and cannot cover his full-time salary~

~Then you go back to your Liberal alma mater asking for a part-time teaching job.

In Perez' case, that's the well-endowed, Ivy League university in Providence, Rhode Island, Brown University.

(( DISCLAIMER--  bak wen I was a stoopid teenager, I wanted 2 apply 2/attend Brown University, lol ))  
((CLAIMER--  thank God Almighty, my Mom discouraged
that notion; instead sending me to Oklahoma U., Norman ))

Again, from the Bill Press radio interview, DNC chairman Tom (Pedo) Perez uttered the most stunning, the most honest words, ever uttered by a Democrat.  Perez explains to Mr. Press that the Brown gig isn’t hypocritical because he’s a super hard worker, plus the insight into some of the nation’s most privileged students is valuable research for the Democratic Party.

Read:  Snobs. Wealthy, elite, deviant Democratic snobs.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, 
Mama, for causing me to realize

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