Monday, July 16, 2018

Fathers Educating Daughters,
And Vice Versa (?)

Kelsey asked her mama and me tonight
about a certain word.

To our knowledge, this is the first word that Kelsey has asked about the etymology of~  and she's only 26 months old.  

How does a parent answer a complex question from

"Mama, What is a "Tinkle"?, Kelsey asked.
"Is it loud or is it no?"

*(YES, we are in the midst of potty training)

That Came Out of Nowhere, really, ==out of Left Field, ==  Tinkle is a sound to our baby, and not a verb?

Leti and I were blown away when Kel asked us this.
We kinda looked at each other, for the other to come up with a definition of "Tinkle", meaning "Sound",, which it does mean~, but where did our 2 year old baby, still in diapers, quiet diapers, hear that the word "Tinkle" is also a sound?

Leti told Kelsey that "Tinkle" was what we call "tee-tee", and it has no real sound, but that sometimes, it can mean the sound that a little bell makes,
And me, suddenly stoopid, I just nod my bobblehead, with nothing to add really....  totally stumped.

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