Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The "O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A Song
Turns 60 Years Old

My state's Official Song.

And while it is true and accurate (the waving wheat really does smell sweet, after a good rainstorm~), it IS somewhat downplayed by most Okies these days, being so .......  White~

The word "Oklahoma" is actually a Choctaw Indian phrase ( I should know~),
It translates to "Home of the Red Man",
and actually is written, "O'Klah Homma", with a very short pause between syllables~
Once upon a time long ago, this phrase was used more as a threat to eastern, white settlers, than simply as the name of our land.
(So thus the line "So when you call me OKIE,
man, you better say it loud~!")

But NOT FOR my Dist. 2 Congressman, MarkWayne Mullin !!

For he has so little to do in his Washington office these days, he tweets out

that this Rodgers and Hammerstein hit turned 60 years old this week.

Congressman Mullin doesn't make waves (Have you ever heard of him~?), he just picks up his paycheck....  And Yet, he's better for us eastern Okies than the others, so we hold our noses and vote, until a Conservative with a solid backbone comes along.

Instead, I love "Oklahoma Rising", preferring it over 'OKLAHOMA!', as it both demonstrates a better grasp of our land's history & development from "Indian Territory" times, paying homage to our state's Native populations, and is more aggressive and positive about our tomorrows,
as we Native Americans have always been~

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