Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What's "UP" With Me~

BLOG POST # 2500--

I got some sobering news from my
various Cancer doctors this morning:

My PSA number has more than doubled since my last Lab work in March, 2018,
from 3.61 on March 21, to 7.33 on July 6th.  
I had been trying to get the recent results for 4 days, to compare and to chart my PSA's rate of change.
And this news is indeed very disturbing~

I'm scheduled for Biopsy/exploratory surgery tomorrow morning, July 19th, on my left groin lymph node; the next step in determining what course to take next in my Cancer battle.
However my instincts tell me, based upon the acceleration of my PSA over 3 months, that I may be facing the fight of my life literally.

Tomorrow is my wife Leticia's Birthday,
we had a much different plan for the day~

While we both now have the next week off from work,
I'd much rather be on the job, feeling good,
blogging about baseball or President Trump,
or even Shrillary and those Wacky Democrats,
or something our daughter Kelsey did
which Is/was positively genius~

instead of what I may HAVE TO relate here.

"And the Days of My Life
are but Grains of Sand"

I probably won't blog again until late this weekend, if then, so even though it's Wednesday, 7-18-18, have a great weekend, always fight the Good Fight, and be happy~!!
Because you should know by now that I will be doing the same,
always within God's Will for my life.

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