Friday, January 11, 2019

What's Up With That?

I don't know why Google felt it necessary to remind me what today is, but it did.

On this day in American history, Theodore Roosevelt makes Grand Canyon a national monument:  On January 11, 1908, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt declares the massive Grand Canyon in northwestern Arizona a national monument.
Though Native Americans lived in the area as early as the 13th century, the first European sighting of the canyon wasn’t until 1540, by members of an expedition headed by the Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. Because of its remote and inaccessible location, several centuries passed before North American settlers really explored the canyon. In 1869, geologist John Wesley Powell led a group of 10 men in the first difficult journey down the rapids of the Colorado River and along the length of the 277-mile gorge in four rowboats.

On January 11, 1620, Myles Standish and a group of 18 settlers are attacked by 30 Native Americans, which became known as the "First Encounter"

On January 11, 1813, the first Pineapples were planted in Hawai'i.

On January 11, 1838, Samuel Morse first demonstrated the telegraph to the public, .- / -- . ... ... .- --. . / ..- ... .. -. --. / -.. --- - ... / .- -. -.. / -.. .- ... .... . ... --..-- / .- - / -- --- .-. .-. .. ... - --- .-- -. --..-- / -. . .-- / .--- . .-. ... . -.-- .-.-.-

On January 11, 1935, Amelia Earhart flies from Honolulu to Oakland Ca (non-stop, of course), becoming the first woman (person?) to fly across the Pacific Ocean.

Another quiet generation goes by, and then

On January 11, 1963, the Beatles release "Please Please Me" and "Ask Me Why"

On January 11, 1964, the Surgeon General of the US first warned that smoking cigarettes may be hazardous to one's health.

nothing important happened on January 11, 1969...

On January 11, 1973, The American League decides to experiment with the "Designated Hitter" rule in that next baseball season (destroying true baseball)

then another long quiet period in American History until

On January 11, 2018, President Donald Trump called certain African countries "shitholes" during an immigration meeting.

A pretty quiet, cold and rainy, sleepy day otherwise~

No need for reminders of any other reason to highlight this day. [50]


LL said...

I think that the Coconino National Forrest was designated on the same day, wasn't it?

The Local Malcontent said...

fact checking ..... fact checking .....

You could very well be correct, LL. I cannot find anything before July, 1908 for Coconino National Forest, however that doesn't mean that the recommendation or the actual designation did not come,
6 months earlier.

Excellent observation, dude~~!
And with no other contradicting source that I can find,

you are correct about the Coconino National Forest