Saturday, February 16, 2019

Alfred Hitchcock Presents
'The Horseplayer', 1961

Divinity Everywhere here, 

Even at the Finish Line

I urge all ya'll to watch this episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents,

and expect only 


One of the Best Videos I have ever watched~!
Real Christians like you, who watch this play, 
Will be Laughing Out loud with joy at the end, I Promise~!!

Claude Rains demonstrates the Guilt of Mankind.
Our Holy Father GOD,
demonstrates His Love, answering prayers~!

Friday, February 15, 2019

So This Is Finally The Edge of the Cliff

After today I regret, we can say 'Good-Bye' to the America most of us knew.

Civil War or Depression or Invasion or Our beloved
way of peaceful existence?

I have been thinking a lot about the political condition lately, too disgusted by it even to blog about it. 
I've had some dread of this year for America; 
but I thought that reaching that moment of absolutely 
no-turning-back was still a few days away.

I've had three vivid dreams in a row this week, that featured "Danger" , in itself notable to me.
The first dealt with me opening then looking outside a home's front door at a tornado to my left, poised to hit 
any second, feeling the  torrid wind, marveling at the destruction.        ( I don't know whose house it was )

The next night I dreamed walking from our bedroom to the bathroom, and lying on the floor at the bedroom doorway were three knives, placed so that their blades were pointing in front of me.        ( back in our house in Yanush )

On the 13th of February, I dreamed of a huge nest of deadly Black Widow spiders actively crawling their web,
again to my left.      ( in some office, between desks)

... no, can't blame these on supper.
Pray. Pray earnestly for America's future, and always for "Thy Will Be Done on Earth, As It Is in Heaven.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

STUPID Chinese Product-

So we bought a really pretty bamboo shelving unit last Friday, 
from Bed Bath & Beyond.  Leticia thought it would save us some room
at a narrow part of our Master bath, instead of the 30-inch wide, moulded shelves
that came with this place.

Tearing out the moulding was no problem for me last Saturday-
Neither was the sanding, the patching or the painting of the former area...
took me about 2 hours, all in all, through Sunday afternoon,
in preparation for our narrow, new bamboo shelves.

The box from Bed Bath and Beyond arrived today, via FedEX.
And I set aside an hour to put the thing together.

That's when los problemos started.

Seems that the "simple instructions", require more than a Filipino screwdriver, as promised on the online ad~
Likewise, there are no "instructions", per se; there are drawings of the steps,
and letters and numbers for all the hardware and individual parts.

Hmmm, OK.  Step Uno:  It seems that parts 1 and 2 attach with hardware G, in four places to parts 8 and 10.

All the parts are really heavy (who knew that about Bamboo~!?), and have a petite
designation sticker:  Part 8 looks just like Part 10 (as do Parts 1 and 2) but with a slight differénce, a negligible baiser across the front...
barely shown in the Egyptian hieroglyphic instructions.

Then it looks like parts 3 and 5 intersect with parts 1/8 and 2/10, but the little
screw holes do not line up.
Oh wait, baby, yes they do.... it's just that these pieces are up-side-down.

Oy Vey-- I'm an hour into putting this thing together, with just two sides together.

"Is it ready yet?", she asks me (again), standing in the doorway, amused at me.
"Does it look like it? This is ohching pelohyka, Летисия".

Then the really bad news:  Sides 4 and 6 do not have any holes drilled, anywhere,
to fit into sides 1 and 10, which may be reversed.
~ I don't think so, but chances are ..........

Then Kelsey joins in the ridicule, telling us that she
wants one dese toooo
in her room.

And I still can't tell the difference between parts 12a, 12b and 13a and 13b at all.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Update on Jussie Smullet!

Leave it to Kevin to bring us to the truth,

about the FAKE attack on actor Jussie Smullet,

by way of a 'Columbo'-like search 

for the truth~!

Love me's some Kevin~!!

Saturday, February 9, 2019


(that's no joke-- for $8.75, Escape alive)

I've been North
and I've been South.
I've been East and
I've been West.

But I've found,
To Be The Best.

I'll always remember you, Trudy~
Thank you eternally-~

Have a great weekend, wherever you are~!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

I Smell Leather, Horsehide and Ash

Lovingly lifted from ME!, last July, 2018:

Heck Yeah, I'm Into WONG~!
Gimme some more Wong! 
Me Likee Wong!

Kolton Wong, that is~
The Best 2nd Baseman the St. Louis Cardinals
have fielded in my lifetime, IMO~!!

Who else, WHY ELSE put someone in the lineup, batting .200,
UNLESS he is a Vacuum Cleaner up the middle/Right side of the infield~??
Currently my Favourite Cardinal player,
Wong is only penciled into the Cardinal line up
against Right handed pitching~

If you are Kolton Wong, the St. Louis Cardinals' STAR

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Happy Birthday, MR.PRESIDENT

Febuary 6, 1911 was such a great day

Professional Sports' Big Secret

The big secret behind "professional sports" is

the attempt to sell you cheap-ass
overpriced hats, hotdogs at the stadium,
and Domino's  and Pepsi at home.

THAT, and the obvious, poor attempt to showcase the media's chosen stars.

**  If the TV-MEDIA was truly concerned about the length of pro Baseball, Football, Basketball games and the duration of televised Golf tournaments,

(nobody watching these events are concerned).

Then force televised games, maybe all pro games, 
to be played in a minimum of time.

One Quarter, 15 minutes

of televised NFL football.

One Quarter, 12 minutes 
of televised NBA basketball.

Only 3 innings, televised MLB baseball.
(the MLB foul ball and NO-HIT records would skyrocket)

Well to be sure, the End portion of any Pro game IS the most interesting.
-- But three-Inning baseball games??  Seeing that the Chicago Cubs have a two-run lead over St. Louis, in the last of the 3rd, one out and a runner on second, catcher Yadiar Molina at the plate, his first and maybe only plate appearance.......
(obviously, the runner reached via a walk~) Which pisses me off, just thinking about it--
stupid Cardinals

In that case, welcome to the world of the
15-minute Beer/New Car commercials~

~ Indefensible

Lovingly (vacuumed) from KJRH-TV2, Tulsa, this:

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. — The Rogers County Courthouse closed early Monday
due to bed bugs.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said a lawyer came up to a third-floor courtroom with bugs falling out of his clothing.

"Hard to imagine someone doesn't know, you know that some bed bugs are crawling all over them certainly in abundance," Sheriff Walton said.

Courthouse officials had a meeting and decided to close the courthouse at noon until the bed bugs were gone.

"I was told the individual that had them also shook his jacket over the prosecutors files," Sheriff Walton said.

Mike Clarke, head of security for the Rogers County Courthouse, said the attorney was non-responsive to the situation.

"I don't even think he cared," Clarke said.

Exterminators were called to the 90,000 square foot building and were prepared to work through the night to get rid of the pests.

Employees and others treated themselves as a precaution.

Officials said the courthouse will reopen Tuesday at 8 a.m.

A letter posted on the door of the courthouse advises anyone who believes they may have been exposed to treat themselves .

No word on who will pay the bill for the exterminators or what is being done for cases that had to be rescheduled.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

I May Appear In an Internet Movie

If I do, my character would be called **"POISIVY", the treacherous villain in an upcoming Independent Cinema Epic, written and directed by a neighbor of mine~
the up and coming Hezakiah Bennetts.

I've read the script-- ( I never thought I'd say those words, seriously )
and I'm interested in helping Hez, and I'm invited to an initial meeting of production crew this next Saturday, Feb 9--


No word yet if there is any sort of Anti-Conservative-virus Inoculation involved...'
but Hillary's contacted me to take it, to come over to her baby-eating-dark-side.

My neighbor Hez' most recent YouTube suspense thriller can be watched here:

"Mint In Box", a short, twisted and
sweet on-line video movie~
from just two years ago, 2017

** My choice of my Super-Villain name.  POISon IVY

Sunday, February 3, 2019

It's Happened Again
and again

The unfortunate incident in Washington DC, between members of the Covington Catholic High School boys and a Native American drummer, has been repeated.
This time in Sacred Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I don't touch many topics here about Santa Fe, NM.
For Good Reason--
Santa Fe is holy to Native Americans, and it is just sanctuary, period.  Go there, live there for awhile and you will quickly understand what I'm saying.

Native Americans, my brothers and sisters,
the 'Indians' who live there, 
THEY ARE UBER SACRED, SPECIAL, because if they are accepted there, ++.  I was, in the early 90s

Therefore, to me, former 'accepted-resident of Santa Fe', 
this video has no correlation to the uproar video of Catholic boys and Mr. Nathan Phillips, 
except in direct opposition.

These women are harrassing Swift Bird, and insulting his tradition.

While the Catholic boys are merely curious and wondering about Nathan Phillips,
as he makes his latest victimization video in Washington, at the Lincoln Memorial.

This video below happened last Thursday morning (as I judge by the sun), 
January 31, 2019, in Santa Fe's NE Plaza area:

Thursday, January 31, 2019



pee on them all, in order to put their fires out.

It's happening this month, friends
~!    Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Another Michael Tanner,
Whole Different Story~

NOT the Mike Tanner who perished as
a hero in everyone's eyes, on 9/11/2001.

Instead, this Michael C. Tanner, the Barling, Arkansas
City Administrator, has been suspended for one month,
with/without pay depending upon sources.

This Mike Tanner's administrative-hearing will be held on February 13, 2019
This Mike Tanner is accused of 'accelerated intimitdation' against City of Barling, Ark. city employees.

The Barling Board of Directors made a determination to suspend Mike Tanner, its city administrator January 17th.

Sadly lifted from Channel 40, Fort Smith, this:

Sgt. Keith Lindley of the Barling Police Department said the Barling Board of Directors called for a special meeting on Thursday. One of the directors made a motion for an executive session at the meeting, during which the board discussed concerns and issues stemming from a recent incident and a history of alleged incidents concerning City Administrator Mike Tanner over the last several years. As a result of their initial investigation and conversations at that point, the board voted to suspend Tanner with pay for two weeks. The board will re-evaluate and make a determination as to what Tanner’s status will be at the end of those two weeks.

When asked about the incidents in question, Lindley said they are strictly conduct-based. There are no significant allegations of any sort of major crime.

“The best I can tell you is that they’re doing an internal investigation around policy and procedure violations,” Lindley said. ”... There was an incident between him and a city employee that caused some concern on behalf of the city employee and some other city employees that were a result of what they felt was an escalating behavior, where he was just quite angry, and it just seemed to be like the situation that got out of hand. Evidently there have been just some escalating concerns over the past several years ... and so the City Council decided to look into it.”

Lindley said there were allegations from city employees of indirect threats made to them over the course of the last few years. It is Lindley’s belief that is why the board of directors acted immediately to conduct an internal investigation.

At least four city employees were interviewed by the Barling Board of Directors during Thursday’s special meeting, Lindley said. Barling Public Works Director Steve Core was named the interim city administrator that same night.

“The Barling Police Department is simply assisting our city directors and our city leadership with whatever it is that they need,” Lindley said. “We’re not conducting an actual criminal investigation into him at all right now.”
This is not the first time that Mr. Tanner has been suspended by Barling's City Council~  In 2015, Mr. Tanner was arrested on a charge of DUI in LeFlore County, OK, where he is from.  In the arrest citation, Mr. Tanner was arrested for driving left of center, and having several handguns in his possession, one of which was loaded.  For this , this Mr. Tanner received a two-week suspension from duty as City Administator, with pay.

~! In 2015, City Administator Tanner was again suspended for awhile, after a DUI arrest in LeFlore County, Oklahoma, where he is from.
Mr. Tanner had 3 handguns, one of which was loaded, while not a CCR, at that time, and was charged with unlawful handgun laws.

Anger-control management problems
have affected Mr. Tanner, his whole life.
I know this for a certainteed fact.

That's all I can say for now. Here.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

"Ohh, Babe, What Would You

"Would There Suddenly Be Sunshine, On a Cold and Rainy Day"

I just discovered this great, this wonderful, Lost Golden Nugget of Rock'N'Roll song,
day before yesterday, Sunday afternoon... And I've become obsessed by it~ 

Perfect Timing, Huh, Babe~??!

"Oh Babe, What Would You Say?"

By Hurricane Smith, the composer/singer I suppose~  According to Wikipedia

"Ohh Babe, What Would You Say" was released in the pristine and primal year
of AM radio Rock and Roll, 1972
and written  by Hurricane's wife Eileen Sylvia Smith.

While Hurricane's version of this tune made the most money, according to Billboard Top 100, in 1972 and onward,

Another singer, far more famous than Hurricane Smith
sang and published the song first. 


In her 1971 album "The Road is No Place 
for a Lady" ~!  And HOW

Mama Cass Elliot, sings 
"Oh Babe, What Would You Say?"
~one full year earlier than Hurricane Smith:

   ~Less 'So-much-to-Say', & More Caressing, Please.  What Would You Say~?

And me, being male and all, I could muchmore fantasize about being in love with Mama Cass than some skinny guy called 'Hurricane'....
Obviously, I cannot speak for young teenage guys in 1971 (I was 2 years old). 
but WHY wasn't this a run-away hit for Mama Cass in 1971~!??

Oklahoma's Own Ancient Volcano

That bloggie title should probably read "Oklahoma's Own Ancient 'Volcano-Shaped Mountain'.

But you be the judge of that-- Meet Sugarloaf Mountain, east of Poteau here, just a hair north of Monroe, OK:

Here, Sugarloaf blows it's Top~

(click any image to embiggen)

And some volcanic heat could sure feel nice,
this frigid morning....

Monday, January 28, 2019


About 6 years ago, I witnessed this same thing,
an American Bald Eagle swooping down into our backyard,
a bite of food, along the north edge of Sardis Lake, OK~!

Unlike this video however,
that experience was not staged- 
just uplifting !

(Then, we were far more interested 
in Mocking Birds and Crows 
 than Eagles)

Freakin' Awesome though, either way~!

Wasss th' Charge, Occifer?

With too FEW arrests being made, on our Southern Border, and 
NO arrests for actual, Corrupt Democrats on the horizon seen,

I thought that I would provide this public service of people who HAVE BEEN ARRESTED,

<<< Meet Jimmy A. Grayson.
Arrested for being Catholic in Public.
Jimmy was arrested for being within 10 miles of
a Planned Parenthood Clinic,
in Albany, New York.

And here is Alfonso Da'Ridicule, Baltimore,    >>> Maryland.  He was arrested on January 20, 2019 for having too much hair on top, and not enough on his chin to cover up his MS-13 Gang tattoos.

<<<  This is Kenny I. Smoot,
arrested in West Hollywood, California, for 
Failure to Disappear. 

Smoot is a long-time vagrant on L.A. streets, 
who dared to move his meager belongings
to the trendy West Hollywood area, and 
was being seen on a daily basis.

And this is Amil Butthammer, arrested   >>>
also in Los Angeles County, California, charged with
coming in last place in the annual 
Mickey Rooney Look-a-Like Contest.

<<<  Meet Jauquitamiqua Neffrattetti Obama,
arrested in Washington, D.C., for
(you guessed it~) 

Illegally Brown-nosing of a Half-Sibling/Blackmail.

Arrested on Saturday, January 19, 2019,    >>>
in south Chicago, Illinois,

This is Dimeatri Jonas Steelfinger.

Arrested for Theft of  Electric Utility Service.

<<<  Open and Shut Case of 
       'Failure To Pay Attention'
        Out of Seattle, Washington.

Another case from Southern California,
this time from Malibu, Ca:           >>>>

This is Justin A. Blither, recently arrested
for Failure to Tan in the Sun, and
Failure to Disappear, and
*Fake-Acting Deer-like in Hi-beams/Roadway,
To Oncoming Elite.

(* The 3rd Offense, recently enacted by Calif.
Legislature, effective 01-01-2019.)

<<<< Meet Anthony Biggliosmelli, 
Right Offensive Guard

1st Round pick by the New Orleans Saints, 
Out of THE Ohio State University.

Arrested in New Orleans, La., on January 20, 2019 for Failure to Block the Rams' Cornerback 
in a High-Stakes Game.

+ While Being Catholic.
On a Sunday Afternoon.
In New Orleans.

Like the Intellectually-Stunted, alcoholic, effeminate NFL Commissioner,
Roger Goodell
is ever going to show some backbone, for Justice,
Goodell is in bed with Shrillary Clitnon and Mario Cuomo, eating Pizza,
too busy to
Be arrested,
and Bail this guy Out~

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Released From Rerun Hell

Ending again, just over six years ago,
I had an imaginative idea for a suspense novel, 
~ or so I thought,, 

Until I realized that it was/had been real.

What happened to me alone, only to me, alone in this world.
I was only able to escape after several dozen attempts.


I truly don't remember how many times ago, it first started, the 'first time', the original one.
But in the first August 1987, as far as I know,
I was driving alone to my half-brother's home
in Santa Fe, New Mexico along I-40.

Just east of  Wildorado, Texas, I experienced midnight.  
Midnight on the long-expected, (and then) over hyped, "Harmonic Convergence" of August 17, 1987.

Then, Something Horrible Began.
That Something Horrible Started Over, and Over Again
Every 25 Years Thereafter.

From that night on, through the end of the 1980s, the 1990s, the turning of the Millennium, 9/11,
the next twelve years,
Until Friday, December 21, 2012, 
I relived that period of 25+ years over and over and over,
over and over and over, again and again and again.

I was singularly caught in a time loop- after experiencing this the first 5 or 6 times, I don't remember,
I realized I was apparently the only human caught in this 25-year time box.

I experienced my mother's untimely, early death over and over, 
mostly with surprise, anguish, in the first few 1993s, 
until I learned that I could not change that with times ~
I could only brace myself more for it, each time she died.

At the end of the loop, on the night of December 21,2012,
I am with my new bride Leticia (Hunter) Malcontent,
in our Yanush, Ok. home, on the north bank of Sardis lake. 

At the stroke of midnight, December 21-22, 2012,
I am just getting up from the sofa
and walking into our kitchen from the living room,
to refresh our drinks.
I make exactly two steps into our kitchen, when

I am driving along I-40, 
just east of Wildorado, Texas on August 17, 1987,
headed to Santa Fe to my half-brother's house there.

I lost track eventually of how many times I went through this horrible time loop-- was it 34 times, 35, 36?  How Old was I really?  Leticia??
Can I ever get out of this loop?  Can I be forgiven for whatever I did,
To have to do all this time, Once more?

Anyway, my memory was always intact-- I was able to remember my future after the 3rd or 4th loop.

I bet heavy money, initially, with my future memories of events, like the World Series of 1991, 1997 and 2004, and banked huge winnings each time on those underdogs, and likewise on the NBA and NFL during that period,

But each time, as I learned to secure those funds elsewhere, to hide them exclusively to myself--
I tried so many times to prevent my being fired from my Casino Manager position in McAlester~

Each and every time, when the loop began again, on I-40 east of Wildorado, Texas, everything before disappeared,
and I began again, knowing some things, but not knowing other things.

I've begun this insipid 'Local Malcontent' bloggie, 
time after time anticipating Abouna's "first" comment, then Kevin's and then all the rest, both so long ago and yet,
each time, so anticipated to happen~
And always praying that, with each time after my last Nov. 2012 post, that things will be different here too, but after a long, sad waiting period, your Local Malcontent did not blog at all during December, 2012, 
Always hoping for relief, peace, past the 21st of that month~

For 36+ loops of 25 years to me who's endured it all,
nothing's different for us 
through 2012~

I relived this loop at least 20 times before I learned that I could not ever figure out how to manage it.
When I released that hope of using what I alone was experiencing, I diverted my focus on escape.

I had to find out what moment, what decision that I'd made,
Prior to driving to my half-brother's house in Santa Fe, New Mexico

That took time too, just more than 75 years-- 
Three more 25-year time loops, before I began to learn~

It had to be moments, just minutes just before midnight, Tonight again August 16, 1987.
I knew from long experience, that there would be Texas Highway Patrolman Gene Carlton, Tx. Division 5B, Amarillo, parked in his unit at the Vega Truck stop.  

This time, I pulled into the truck stop and instead of the last two times when I merely accosted the off-duty Officer inside, on his lunch break, I deliberately hit his vehicle with my 1985 blue Chevy pickup, as it sat there to the right (west) side of the truck stop's diner entrance.

That last, final time, Patrolman Carlson exited the diner,
inspecting the damage to his patrol unit,
Bless his eternal soul,,
delaying me long enough, this time around,
to avoid entering the 25-year time loop just down the road,

Keeping me from reliving, for the 3 dozenth time at least,
the past 25 years for the 36th time.

?? But I would not know this affectation for another 25 years,
Would that minimal, different outcome be the one, the one to change my life's timeline loop??

Much later~
On the night of my most recent December 21, 2012,
once again I rose from my recliner where my new wife and I were watching "M*A*S*H*", to get refills of iced-tea from the refrigerator,

-- -- I took that 4th and more steps into our kitchen, and I sank to my knees weeping,
weeping, because I was NOT instantly, suddenly back
behind the wheel of my '85 Chevy pickup,
driving through Wildorado, Texas.

Maybe, Hopefully, my more-than-36-Reruns of the past 25 years would be over, would be changed, 
Would simply continue on, to that refrigerator for more iced tea, would continue on,
would continue on to some kind and humane 
Rest of my life.