Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The City Mouse and The Country Mouse

"Hang on a minute while I cut and paste this article."

Read something today at a friend's website which startled me, both initially and still. I will also confess to a shade of disappointment as well, given his embedded comments therein.
Nor can I believe the level of unfriendliness from an Okie no less.

There's gotta be a mistake-- I've missed something, a punchline or an inside joke I hope. Or maybe he woke up grouchy this morning.
The man who creates the verbose"Dustbury" anew every hour or so, implies that he doesn't like the simple small talk which is the byword, the lifeblood, the very identifier of regular Oklahomans.

I am both shocked and disappointed, if true.

In a posting today, which Charles titled "Small Talk", the clear master of Oklahoma blogging states that "It's worse when they're trying to be amusing. However, this is simply a reflection of an unfortunate fact of life: most people seem to believe that they possess a better-than-average sense of humor, a notion that by definition cannot possibly be true (that doesn't even make any sense!). And expanded to email, it's worse yet, because the humor-impaired, for some reason, are far more likely to forward you tons and tons of crap. I've had to cut the list of people from whom I will accept this sort of thing to maybe half a dozen; everyone else is rewarded with a blacklist entry in my mail filters."

Adding later, "... but I see nothing to gain by feigning interest when the chatterboxes start grinding out their resolutely unmelodic themes."

I feel pity for you, Mr. Hill. And that's a first.

Keeping in mind that he "lovingly lifted" much of this particular blog post from another blogger (his predominant style at Dustbury.com), who ironically, is a self proclaimed "socialist who wants to be heard", yet bitches about small talk,, the "hi, how are yous?", and "how's it goings" from lesser folk in her mind, Charles exposes his ego in agreeing with this stupid person from Canada.

A pity, that.

And I pray that I'm mistaken, though I suspect not. Because on a few occasions, I've emailed Charles to ask his professional opinions on computer stuff, and once to say "Happy Easter", and never have I received anything even closely resembling a personal reply; his reply emails have, for all the world, a perfuntory and completely hygenic outline to them, copying my questions or comments, adding his answers, then with a frosty CGH closing, he's gone.

And more than any other emotion, I've been detecting "Bitterness" seeping through from the Dustbury brandname lately.

"Only delicate cynicism", I imagine Charles planning, saying now, while reading this, in a short, curt (condescending?) 3-word-commentary; but to me, it comes through as bitterness.

A pity, that.

From me, the country mouse, a.k.a., the No-doubt-email-blacklisted Local Malcontent.

"I can't conceive living in your world, again; and you can't even begin to comprehend living in mine. Man."
- the LMC


Anonymous said...

There's a reason why he refers to his home as "Surlywood," and I seem to recall him saying the choice of name was not altogether ironic.

For all that, I've found him generally to be an agreeable guy, both on the internet and in person.

Then again, I've always gotten along better with curmudgeons and such...

crazy4danes said...

Wow...what is wrong with people?! :S

The Local Malcontent said...

Uh, look: I don't dislike Charles any less, nor respect him one whit less; I so look forward to meeting him soon, and asking him,
"Hi, how are you?"

In great part, I've fashioned the LMC after Dustbury; that site being the penultimate blog really.

I am merely saying, that in this aspect of Mr. Hill, I am disappointed, disillusioned.

The Local Malcontent said...

Please let me rephrase that earlier comment to read " I don't dislike Charles AT ALL.

I made it sound like I already disliked CGH; but not less.

Not at all~!

Sage said...

From the stupid person from Canada,

I love to talk to people, really talk. But I find chitchat intolerable. Engage me in political discourse or some kind of theoretical questioning, and I'm all ears. Ask me about my day, or the weather, and I cringe.

I'm like Kramer who can't stand the idea of marriage because of all the time taken with "And how was your day..." Some people really identify with that sentiment, and, apparently, some can't understand it (or tolerate it) at all.

Oh well.

The Local Malcontent said...

How ya doin' Sage?