Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Music To Fold Laundry By

I remember promising, to never again post any 'Scott Joplin music' here anymore.
But I never anticipated being so very bored, or so very impotent before~

So therefore, I'm gonna get out all the updates from my previous blogposts that I can think of,
here, as I am as bored as I've ever been today.  "Bored" is not the proper word for how I am feeling, but close; I just don't know what to do with such a long period of unexpected free time~

I will try and plant some Pear tree seeds, later this week; my biggest challenge.  Pear trees love low terrain, near rivers, lots of moisture.  Not 1,000 feet above sea level, on a mountainside, but I'll try~
risking the bees and the wasps which will necessarily come~

**I think that the OU Sooners will be in the National Championship PLAYOFFS this year!
It's exciting to believe that my football team will be playing in possibly 5 more games, in mid-November.

**Aaron Judge is named the American League 'ROOKIE OF THE YEAR'. 
NOT UNEXPECTEDLY, Since the Yankee's Right Fielder had such a phenomenal year~ 

** Cancer-wise, I am pleased to say that my PSA numbers went down dramatically in September, from a high 27.65 in July, to 23.6 in August, then dropping down to a PSA score of 5.65 on September 29~!!  
is between 0.00 and 4.00.  I'm at 5.65, as of a month ago~!  HEYYahh!
BUT-- I'M SCHEDULED TO BE PUT ON 'LUPRON' Hormone injections starting December 1, every six months.  I've heard both good and bad things about Lupron hormone therapy,
sooo, we will see~  
From ZeroCancer(dot)Org, this:

Male hormones are the fuel for prostate cancer. In turn, a tumor can’t grow without these hormones. Hormone Therapy is used to slowly starve the tumor. Also known as androgen-deprivation therapy or ADT, hormone therapy is designed to stop testosterone from being released or to prevent it from acting on prostate cells.
Hormone therapy is an important treatment for men with advanced prostate cancer as it is increasing in use before, during and/or after other treatments.
Good candidates for hormone therapy are men who have had prostate cancer already move outside of the prostate, men who plan on surgery and want to shrink the tumor to enhance the effectiveness of surgery and for men who have already had primary treatment (surgery and/or radiation) and the prostate cancer has returned.
In many cases, prostate cancer tumors respond to the removal of testosterone. However, some cancer cells grow independently of testosterone and remain unaffected by this treatment. These hormone-independent cells continue to progress and hormone therapy will have less and less of an impact on the tumor over time.

For this reason, hormone therapy cannot stop cancer. However, it is an important treatment in managing advanced disease and is part of the treatment regimen in most cases during recurrent or advanced prostate cancer.

Hormone therapy is usually used during a time of rising PSA. Be sure to form a team of doctors and get opinions on when it might be best for your individual case.

Otherwise, I'm feeling overall good; I have days when my fever is high and I don't feel right--
I have an odd pain in my groin/hips area, not associated with either bone pain or muscle pain~
I have become accustomed to the 'Hot Flashes', associated with estrogen hormone cancer therapy,

but my wife Leti hasn't...
  I used to wake up 2 or 4 times a night, sweating like a lawn-sprinkler
and throwing off all the bedclothes onto her. 
Lately, in the past two weeks or so, I've just gone to bed wearing only my jockeys, maybe a pair of socks too-, to minimize my discomfort, and Leticia's, in a cold bedroom for me~.
I still throw off the covers, mainly when I awaken during the night and experience an intense hot flash, of the hormone therapy; 
But fortunately, Leti hasn't demanded that I move to a sofa or the guest bedroom yet~

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