Tuesday, November 14, 2017

On Being At Home, Alot~

I cannot really complain about being an auditor for the Oklahoma Tax Commission--
I've got a good job, pays very well- I mostly drive, and the Indian casinos which I audit, here in my part of the state all know me, know my background and my reputation, and therefore for the most part don't try pulling any funny business, regarding what each Tribe owes the State.

The one and only time that I've found a serious discrepancy, I was THE witness in a Federal Court trial, between the State of Oklahoma and the Creek Nation in Muskogee.  (by the way, the State won)

Ahh, fond memories.
I say all of this now, to kind of complain about my upcoming, unpaid furlough from work, through the rest of November, 2017, and perhaps beyond:  What Bad Timing.

For the second day now, I babysit.
And that's great, as I get to see Kelsey all day long.  I get to go get the mail from the mailbox, I get to watch daytime TV.  
Tomorrow, I am planning to touch-up my eyebrow hairs....

I'm listening to Scott Joplin rags, as I houseclean for my wife.  Leticia is applying for work with the two banks which call Poteau, Oklahoma home.  And I'm waiting on UPS to deliver three packages today or tomorrow~

YAWN~  OH Wait:  the dryer just went off; the bed sheets are dry~!  And Kelsey just now wants to sit in my lap here at my desk, wondering why I am home all day....  Later on, we look forward to putting on our coats and taking a short walk!

It's not like we have an old, lakeside house and plenty of land, which constantly needed some attention, anymore.  Have I said how much I miss Yanush, on this bloggie lately??
I suppose that I will spend alot of time here on my Local Malcontent bloggie, for the time being

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