Sunday, December 1, 2019

This Is The Story of This Guy-

This is the true story of a guy, who found himself to be the most fortunate person in all of Alabama, and possibly all of Southeast America, yesterday November 30, 2019.

HIS name is Jeff D. Smoot.  Jeff lives just northwest of Pensacola, Florida, north of Interstate 10, in low income apartment housing.  Jeff loves Auburn University football. 

He has all of his life.  His parents raised him to love Auburn football-- they watched every game that was on TV since Jeff was 6 years old.  Therefore, Jeff was tuned into 
HATING Alabama Crimson Tide Football as well.

But Jeff's parents were not wealthy, and Jeff was an average student in school, so Jeff attended Junior College and graduated with an associates degree in Management.  Jeff always held a seed of resentment deeply inside against his parents, but mostly against  himself, that he could not attend Auburn U. in Auburn, Al, his cherished school.
Oh sure, Jeff had been to Auburn football games before-- 
against Kentucky once, another against Coastal Carolina College, plus his most cherished memory of an Auburn game, against Florida University in 2011 (ALL WINS, BY THE WAY).

This year however, Jeff Smoot went Online on August 31, looking for tickets for the Auburn v. Alabama Iron Bowl game, his heart's deepest desire.  At Stubhub,com, he found two tickets in the Auburn end zone that he could afford to buy, for himself and his bestest-friend-ever, Casey.  Jeff did not earn that much salary, as Night Supervisor at Sak-N-Pak #40....

But Jeff's fortunes turned around and around, round and round, yesterday, November 30th, 2019~

For as everyone knows, "A.U.B.U.R.N." stands for 
"A.labama U.sually B.eats U.s 'R.ound N.ovember". 
Jeff knew this, and he still bought the best tickets to the Iron Bowl that he could afford, for his BFF Casey and himself ($325. + tx).

And Jeff and Casey were rewarded for their life-long struggles, yesterday evening,  when Alabama's field goal attempt toward their awful, terrible cheap endzone seats's view-of-the-rest-of-th-game
Gave Jeff and Casey the best, straight, dead-on & 
Up-close view of  ALABAMA'S FIELD GOAL FAIL.

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